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The English Mock Tests simulate the paper-based A2 Key for Schools (KETfS) / B1 Preliminary for Schools (PETfS) test components to allow candidates to be familiarised with the required exam format in a similar exam environment. Candidates will be more mentally prepared for the real exam with additional guidance and exam tips from the examiner in this Mock Test session. The result statement including the examiner's feedback will be released within one week.

English Mock Test Information:

Components tested
Lower Primary (equivalent to A2 Key for Schools): 
Reading & Writing / Listening / Speaking
Upper Primary (equivalent to B1 Preliminary for Schools): 
Reading / Writing / Listening / Speaking
Test Format: Paper-based
(Candidates will report in person at the test venue, just like the real exam.)

Date: Select in the application form
Time: TBC (you will be informed via email nearer the test date)
Duration: Approximately 2 to 3 hours (depending on the no. of candidates)
Venue: Republic Polytechnic, Woodlands
Registration Fee:
Lower Primary: S$180.00 (subject to GST)
Upper Primary: S$200.00 (subject to GST)
Fees are non-refundable/ non-transferable for whatsoever reasons.

Purpose/Benefits of the English Mock Tests:
  • To some candidates, practising exam questions at home and in real exam environment may feel vastly different. The mock tests simulate the real exam settings for candidates, boosting their confidence and preparedness for subsequent actual CEQ exams.
  • The mock test result statement will be released via email within just one week. The scores are provided with the CEFR grading, just like the actual CEQ results.
  • The mock test result allows candidates/parents to assess their readiness for the actual CEQ exams. Do candidates need to prepare further or are they ready?
  • The examiner's comments which are included in the result statement allow candidates to know which areas they have done well in, as well as those which require further improvement.
If you are interested in the English Mock Tests, please REGISTER HERE .

1. How long will the mock tests take?

The test takes approximately 2 to 3 hours. The duration is not fixed because the Speaking mock test will also be conducted on the same day so the total length of the mock test session depends on the number of candidates present for that session. Approximately one week before the mock tests, candidates will receive the test details including the test timings via email.

2. Are the mock tests invigilated?

Yes. We try to simulate the actual exam settings as much as possible so it feels real to candidates, allowing them to know what to expect on the actual exam day. 

3. When and how will the results be released?

The mock test result statement including the examiner's report will be released within one week of the test via email.

4. Is this mock test the same as the one mentioned in the CEQ registration form?

Yes. For applicants who have purchased the mock tests in their A2 Key for Schools or B1 Preliminary for Schools test registration, they do not need to re-register for the mock tests here again.

5. Can I use this mock test result for the AEIS / S-AEIS application?

No. The mock test result cannot be used for any official purposes such as the AEIS / S-AEIS application. It solely serves as benchmarking and does not substitute the actual CEQ results issued by Cambridge Assessment English.
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