Test Dates & Venue

NOTE (Updated as of 28 April 2022):

  1. The Statement of Results will be released online approximately six to nine weeks after the paper-based exams. Cambridge has advised that the COVID-19 pandemic disruptions (social distancing, work-from-home, self-quarantine of workers, etc., in the UK) over the past 2 years have stretched the results window from six weeks to nine weeks.

  2. The PAI Exam Centre will inform the candidate on the procedure to access the Cambridge Results Portal after the exam to access the Statement of Results.

  3. Certificates for successful candidates will be available for collection between 9 to 13 weeks after the exam.

  4. Candidates will be notified of the collection details.

N.B: *Application will be accepted up to the registration closing date or when the maximum capacity has been filled up, whichever is earlier. Application received after the closing date will NOT be processed. Similarly, Principals Academy Inc. reserves the right to reject applications when the maximum capacity has been filled up.