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Information for candidates

The Information for Candidates booklet is packed with study tips, exam advice and frequently asked questions. A great way to help your learners feel fully prepared for their exam.

Please click to download the following booklets:

A2 Key for Schools
B1 Preliminary for Schools
C1 Advanced
C2 Proficiency

Cambridge English Qualifications (CEQ) Tests

Important information for overseas applicants

MOE will not issue permits for entry into Singapore for applicants to sit for the AEIS / S-AEIS tests. You should submit an application only if the applicant is able to enter Singapore. You may refer to the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) and the Ministry of Health (MOH) websites for the latest travel and health measures.

The entry proof issued after your application is NOT an entry approval to Singapore.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

My child/ward is an International Student seeking admission to a Primary School in Singapore. Which CEQ test should I register for?

Refer to the eligibility criteria on the AEIS / S-AEIS websites. Importantly, note the application timeline and test requirements such as the test to sit for and required score for the respective age group.

Is the CEQ test paper-based or computer-based?

Check whether you have registered for the [PB] paper-based test version or the [CB] computer-based/digital test version during your registration.

How much are the CEQ test fees? How do I register for the test?

Please refer to the test fees and registration procedures here.

Are the CEQ test dates available on demand? Where can I find the test schedule?

No, the CEQ test dates are not available on demand to applicants. Test dates are scheduled by the exam centre. Please refer to the CEQ test schedule here. Note that the test schedule may be updated progressively and periodically.

How do I know that my CEQ registration is successful?

As long as you have submitted complete and valid information with payment in order, your registration shall be deemed successful unless you have been notified of the test cancellation via email or are contacted by our staff due to certain issues with your registration. Our staff may contact you either via email or tel: 63630330 / 82008500 so please check your email Inbox/Junk/Spam folders regularly and respond to our telephone call. If we are unable to reach you despite multiple attempts, your registration may be voided.


I have previously registered for the CEQ test. Can I apply again?

Yes. Currently, there is no limit to the number of times the applicant can register for the CEQ test. Applicants may register for the same test more than once during the same period.

I registered for the CEQ test but decide to withdraw as my child/ward will not be able to attend the test due to some urgent matters. Can I reschedule the test or request for a refund?

No. Test fees are strictly non-refundable / non-transferable after your registration has been submitted. There is strictly NO make-up or rescheduling of any test session for withdrawn / late / absent candidates due to whatsoever reasons.

How do my child/ward prepare for the CEQ test? Are there any preparatory materials or classes?

Find out the exam format for the test:

A2 Key for Schools

B1 Preliminary for Schools

C1 Advanced

C2 Proficiency


You may also select and purchase addon products such as the recommended practice book and the Cambridge English Placement Test (CEPT) during your registration.


For further preparation, applicants may also consider signing up for preparation courses with our CEQ Preparation Centres. Please enquire with the respective centres for more information.

When will my child/ward receive the test timetable and other documents?

For A2 Key for Schools and B1 Preliminary for Schools paper-based tests, successful applicants will receive 02 confirmation emails approximately 2-3 weeks before their test. For all computer-based/digital tests, the confirmation emails will be sent approximately 5-10 working days before their test. The first comprises the 'Confirmation of Entry and Timetable' and 'Summary Regulations for Candidates' attachments. The second comprises the 'Instructions to Candidates' and 'Directional Map to Test Venue' attachments. Remember to check your email Inbox/Junk/Spam folders.

My child/ward has completed the CEQ test. When and where can I view the results?

Candidates should register online for the candidates' results portal at using their ID Number and Secret Number indicated on their Confirmation of Entry letter so that they will be notified via email as soon as their results are released.

I have registered for the online candidates' results portal very early. Does that mean that my results will be released earlier?

No. Registering for the candidates' results portal does NOT mean that your results will be released quicker. The results release period is fixed and cannot be expedited. However, candidates should still register for the online results portal so that they can check their results and  be notified via email as soon as their results are released.

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