What is a Preparation Centre?

NOTE (Updated as of 10 August 2022):

1. Becoming a Preparation Centre

A Preparation Centre is any school or institution that prepares and enters candidates for Cambridge English exams through an authorized exam centre. Click here to register your interest in becoming our Preparation Centre and we will get in touch with you. 

2. Benefits of being a Preparation Centre?

Marketing and Branding
You will be given access to leaflets, posters, videos, presentations and other useful downloads.


View and Download of Results
You will be able to view and download your candidates’ exam results, including archived results to analyze on their performance via the Preparation Centre Portal.

Exam Dates
You will gain access to all the available exam dates to prepare your students on time for the exam.

3. Preparation Centre Portal
You will gain access to an exclusive Preparation Centre Portal for downloading of the candidates' Performance Reports.