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A2 Key for Schools

Information for candidates

The Information for Candidates booklet is packed with study tips, exam advice and frequently asked questions. A great way to help your learners feel fully prepared for their exam.

Please click on the image below to download the booklet.

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A2 Key for Schools, formerly known as Cambridge English: Key for Schools (KET for Schools), is one of the Cambridge English Qualifications. It is an exam for school-age learners which will help prepare them for higher-level English language qualifications.

An A2 Key for Schools qualification shows that a student can use English to communicate in simple situations. It’s a logical next step after our Cambridge English Qualifications designed for young learners and a good place for older children to start learning English too.

The exam gives students the confidence to go on to study for higher-level English exams, such as B1 Preliminary for Schools.

A2 Key for Schools is targeted at the same CEFR level as A2 Key, but with content aimed at school-age learners rather than adults.

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Exam Format

Key for Schools is made up of three papers developed to test your English skills. Click to find sample papers.

Paper 1: Reading and Writing


Candidates are expected to understand a number of short texts, including signs, brochures, newspapers and magazines and produce simple written English including a short story.

Paper 2: Listening


Candidates are expected to understand a number of recorded spoken texts at a reasonably slow pace to identify specific information as well as the meaning of the texts.

Paper 3: Speaking


Candidates are expected to show their ability to take part in different types of interaction with the speaking examiner and their speaking partner(s) including comparing, describing and expressing opinions.

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