Test Guidelines for Candidate

Important Things to Note on the Day of Examination

1. Candidate MUST bring the following documents for entry and verification at all examination times.

  • Candidate’s Original Passport (For International Students) or NRIC/Birth Cert (For Singaporeans)

  • FIN or Student Pass issued by ICA

  • Letter of Confirmation which serves as the Entry-proof

2. Candidates are required to bring their own writing tools.

  • Writing Tools refers to Pens, pencils, rulers, erasers, etc.

Test Regulations:

  1. The Original Passport (For International Students), FIN or Student Pass issued by ICA or NRIC/Birth Cert (For Singaporean) and Letter of Confirmation are compulsory identity documents required for admission into the examination hall/room. These documents are to be placed at the right side of the table at all times during the examination for verification purposes.

  2. This is a closed-book test. Candidates are not allowed to bring in their bags, dictionaries, study notes, computer aids and communicative/electronic devices capable of storing (e.g. Pocket PC, Mobile phones) or displaying visual or verbal information into the examination hall/room. Candidates found to be in possession of such materials/devices during the examination will be deemed as an attempt to cheat.

  3. Do not leave any sheet of your answers, notes or diagrams in such a position that another candidate can read them. All answer materials should be covered up.

  4. Candidates must observe silence at all times while inside the examination hall/room. Any form of verbal or non-verbal communication between candidates during the examination will be deemed as an attempt to cheat.

  5. No candidate may leave the examination hall throughout the duration of the paper unless permitted by the invigilator.

  6. No candidate is allowed to reproduce/remove any part of the exam materials in any format/medium.

  7. Candidates must remain seated at their respective desks while the papers are collected.

  8. In any circumstances, if the candidate missed the speaking test paper, he/she may continue with the reminder papers or vice versa. There will be no reschedule to sit for any test papers.

Disqualification warning

1. Candidate will not be graded for the paper(s) if he/she:

  • is absent for the paper(s); or

  • attempts to cheat by way of obtaining unfair assistance and/or engaging in dishonest conduct; or

  • behaves in a manner that is disruptive to the examination

2. Failure to comply with the examination rules and regulations may result in the expulsion of the candidate from the examination hall/room. Candidates found engaging in dishonest conduct will be refused entry for any remaining papers and may be barred from participation in the subsequent tests.