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The Cambridge English Placement Test (CEPT) is an online adaptive test of general English, testing Reading/Use of English and Listening. It can be used to place learners at all levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) from Pre-A1 to C2.

As the candidate progresses through the test, each item is chosen on the basis of the candidate's response to the previous item. As a result, the test becomes progressively easier or more difficult until a consistent level of ability is achieved, and the candidate's level of English can be identified.

Test Information:

Components tested: Reading / Use of English & Listening
Format: Computer-based

Date/Time: Any time after you receive the entry code via email
Duration: Approximately 30 minutes
Venue: Online Test Portal (Access Online Anytime with Instant Result!)
Registration Fee: S$50.00 (subject to GST)

Purpose/Benefits of CEPT:
  • CEPT allows candidates to find out their CEFR English Proficiency Level through this short adaptive test.
  • Candidates may use this placement test as a preparatory exercise to assess their readiness for the Cambridge English Qualifications (CEQ) exam.
  • Candidates may view and download their CEPT results instantly after the test.
If you are interested to purchase the CEPT access key, please REGISTER HERE .
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Test Format

The CEPT test is a computer-based (online), self-access, adaptive test divided for Reading and Listening. In the test, the candidate will have to answer questions on screen. These can be in a variety of different types.
CEPT Reading Tasks.jpg
CEPT Listening Tasks.jpg

1. How long does CEPT take?

The test takes approximately 30 minutes - it is not possible to set a specific time limit and no timer is displayed. The test will not end abruptly and will allow the candidate to complete the task they are on. The test ends once the candidate's level has been determined, specifically when the candidate clicks on the arrow to go to the next task. 

2. Is the test invigilated?

CEPT is a self-access test, meaning that no invigilation/proctoring is required. 

3. How is the test marked?

The Reading and Listening test is auto marked by the system.

4. How can candidates access their results?

Candidates can view and download their CEPT results instantly on the test portal.

5. What CEFR levels does CEPT cover?

The majority of candidates taking CEPT fall within the A1 - B2 proficiency bracket on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). As a result, the test has been designed to test these levels of the CEFR most robustly.

For most candidates, the differentiation between C1 and C2 is not important, and therefore we feel it is sufficient to indicate that highly proficient candidates have reached the "C1 and above" level.
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